Hello! G’day (can you hear my Aussie accent!?). My name is Lisa and for the past fifteen years I have builtLISA a career in Commercialisation, Strategic Management and Internet Marketing. I live in Brisbane, Australia and have a Bachelor degree in Science and Masters in Technology Management.

I am a mum to gorgeous 5 year old identical twin daughters. I’m amazed how kids now grow up with technology at their finger tips to facilitate learning and the A,B,Cs.

I am passionate about taking an innovative idea to market and with the growth of digital marketing, social media and outsourcing I believe anyone with the motivation and vision can be a online entrepreneur.

But it wasn’t always that easy. I earned my stripes as a blogger back in 2008. Although I was immersed in traditional commercialisation in the offline world (market research, product development, intellectual property, raising capital and tradition company structures) it wasn’t until I jumped online to see how I could target my ideal customer that I suddenly had learn a whole lot of new skills that weren’t taught in my Business Masters degree I had graduated from, the year before.

I learnt everything I could from the technical angle of web design, social media, network marketing, and affiliate marketing. But learning the technical parts of marketing is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. I needed to learn about nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset needed in the virtual world and this was achieved by following online entrepreneurial podcasts, blogs and books and maximising connections by attending Internet marketing events and coaching. Although the virtual world opens up so many opportunities it is at events that really build connections with like-minded people.

So I soon started working with different online businesses with both digital products and companies transitioning from a traditional business to selling products online. The biggest question we ask would be, “Where did does your ideal avatar or customer hangout online?” And I am here to share with you how to find your ideal customer on Pinterest!

Pinterest is the 3rd Largest
Social Media Platform worldwide with 70 Million users.

To read more Pinterest Statistics click here.

I am here because I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.  But I am a big believer in taking action, massive action for turning your idea and dreams in reality. AndI am passionate about helping people like you be seen and heard fully so you too can step up and make the impact you were meant to.

Pincredible Marketing was created for you and your business even if it’s just a fledging idea.

Are you ready for Pincredible Success? If so, reach out and join me.

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