How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for Teaching

How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for Teaching

How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for TeachingLearning nowadays is certainly different from when I went to school. Although I didn’t go down the Teacher career path, I am certainly on the way through now from a parent and educator’s point of view as my kids start grade 1. Its been almost 20 years since I left my high school classroom which is the dinosaurs to the current educational technology and mobile learning advances we have today. So I was excited to do some research myself on ways teachers can use Pinterest.

Here is what I found. Here are some ways Teachers are using Pinterest:

  1. Inspire: My recollection of schools are visions of drawings, decorating and displayed work that frequently gets transitioned across topics. Why don’t you grab you inspiration from Pinterest in your next topic?
  2. Curating Content: Ideas including creating resource boards, pinning current issues, finding and pin images as part of your projects and future lesson plans.
  3. Organising Ideas: Keep your ideas organised with Pinterest by sorting and adding comments to remind youself why you pinned, create boards that are inventories, create boards for subjects.
  4. Collaborate with Others: Find other teachers with similar interest, request feedback, open boards to the community i.e. parents and connect with other universities and schools.

Furthermore here are some Ideas for Lessons and Professional Development.

Lesson Time

School is not just all play but time to learn. So how do teachers use Pinterest for Lesson Planning? Here are few further ideas around Lesson Time.

  • Collect Printables
  • Discover science lessons to experiment with
  • Swap lesson plans with other teachers
  • Find popular reading books to recommend in the classroom
  • Search by grade or age for specific lessons
  • Collect ideas for excursions
  • Craft Time – What kids don’t love craft. Pin a few and test them out.

Professional Development

Teaching as a profession is rewarding and besides just the day to day work with students there is always opportunity to share what you are doing with other teachers and educations. Pinterest is the answer to this too.

  • Start a conversation/message with other educators on a topic/lesson/board that inspires you.
  • Share what you are doing in the classroom
  • Search and find wonderful teacher group boards and blogs
  • Connect and collaboration to work together with other teachers to share ideas and build better lessons
  • Request feedback from other teachers
  • Be open to new and innovative teaching methods
  • Be on top of the latest trends in education.
  • Search for tutorials on how to teach something or a do a project.
  • Save and bookmark pin great tech resources to back too.

Here are some great Teachers and Group Boards on Pinterest to inspire you.

Teachers  – Teachers (they snapped a great title!) have created a series of well followed board by Age Group from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Plus check out their Subject boards from Art to Science.

Math –  Bring Math to Life is a profile all about teaching Math activities from exams, to age related activities, to free lessons. A great Math resource to Follow.

Science – The Einstein Project is a great resource for all things science from from engaging science materials and teacher training to advance science knowledge, skill and an enthusiasm for learning.

English Teacher – Visit Alyson Yap  who is an English Teacher. With 100 Boards and over 65,000 Pins on huge extensive learning materials to get you started.

What are you favourite Teaching and Education Profile and Boards? Share them in the comments below. 

How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for Teaching

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