Find the Best Travel Tips on Pinterest

Find the Best Travel Tips on Pinterest

Travel is exciting. Exciting as its combined with fun, freedom and that yearning for exploring the unknown. On the other handing depending on what kind of travel you like to do, most people want to do some research before they leave home. Its always good to be a little prepared for the destination to make sure you have the best trip possible.

So where do you go to find the best travel tips online?

Well I am here to say “Don’t leave home without searching Pinterest for the BEST Travel Tips.”

Travel is a trillion dollar industry. I mean its HUGE! Hence read the following Statistical Quote:

Statistics and facts on the global tourism industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect and induced) of almost seven trillion U.S. dollars in 2013. The direct economic impact of the industry, including accommodation, transportation, entertainment and attractions, was approximately 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars that year. A number of countries, such as France and the United States, are consistently popular tourism destinations.

Why use Pinterest for Travel Advice?

People use Pinterest for planning and recording dream travel destination from. Due to its popularity it makes sense that Travel has its own Category on Pinterest to attract millions of intrepid travelers. I mean, who doesn’t love to travel, right? Most people have the aspiration to explore somewhere new either domestically or overseas and culturally different. So Pinterest is the ideal platform not just to share your favorite photos but to give advice to fellow travelers of where to go and what to avoid. Using the Pinterest search features you can explore a world of advice, tips and recommendations before you leave home.

Here are just a snapshot of the Boards people have created for Travel on Pinterest:

  • Destination types
  • Countries
  • Site Seeing
  • Accommodation
  • Tours
  • Tips to pack
  • Travelling with Kids
  • By Occasion – Honeymoon, Baby-moon, Solo Traveller, Gap Year, Grey Nomads, Family Holiday and Backpacking
  • Budgeting
  • Plane, Cruising, Hiking, Camping, Biking, Train or Car
  • Language and Cultural Tips
  • Logistics from Visa’s and Passports
  • Travel Technology
  • Food

Tips for Businesses in the Travel Industry

So what about if you are a Business working in the Travel Industry? How would you use Pinterest. If you have a business in this industry you have an opportunity to improve you business and the customer experience by curating a Pinterest account at the pulse of current Travel trends. If you need more help to brainstorm at least 20 Boards here are some more Pinterest Travel Profiles to explore.

Check out these Top 10 Travel Pinterest Profiles to inspire you.

  1. Trip Advisor: Helping travelers plan and book the perfect trip. Happy travels – and pinning!
  2. Everything for people who love travel, B&Bs, boutique hotels, & unique accommodations! Sharing delicious recipes, beautiful decor, and other great tips.
  3. Ordinary Traveler : I’m a professional photographer traveling the world & sharing the view through my lens. Visit for adventure, photography, and travel tips!
  4. 100 places to visit before you die…Our quest is to provide you with our top 100 places to visit in the world before you die.
  5. AirBNB: We’re sharing home ideas and wanderlust inspiration that you can only discover through Airbnb.
  6. Budget Travel: We believe travel is accessible to all, on any budget. From our magazine to our website, we inspire travelers with photos, tips, and deals to start the journey.
  7. Amateur Traveler:  Host of the Amateur Traveler podcast/blog
  8. Travel Channel: Host of the Amateur Traveler podcast/blog
  9. MyMyrtleBeach: The Official Pinterest Page for Myrtle Beach, SC. Explore our boards,delight in stunning beach beauty,and see all the fun things to do in the Myrtle Beach area!
  10. Jetpac City Guides: Jetpac City Guides app for iPhone shows you the bars where women go, the best views, or where the hipsters are, in over 6,000 cities all over the world!
  11. and one more….
    Patagonia: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis

Find the Best Travel Tips on Pinterest. Pincredible Marketing

Pinterest Tips for Travelers

If you are planning a new trip, I recommend starting a Board by Location First. Then you can get excited by all the things you want to see, eat and experience. Then go crazy as one idea expands into another travel idea.

Alternatively, if you have recently traveled – set up a board with your recommendations. Even better if you have written reviews on your own personal blog or on a Review site like Trip Adviser – help the community of Pinterest travels read your reviews of the what was dreamy and what didn’t go quite right.

So ready, set, go! Comment below with what your Favourite Travel Pinterest Boards are and why! 

Don't leave home without searching Pinterest for the best travel Tips @VirginAustralia

This post has been inspired as part of an entry to the Virgin Australia competition with ProBlogger. The goal is to share your best-kept travel tips.

How to Use Pinterest Messaging for Business?

How to Use Pinterest Messaging for Business?

blog-pin-messagingPinterest messaging is a feature I believe to be totally underutilized in Pinterest. Pinterest enabled the new feature as a way to make pinning personal and enables you to send a private message to your followers.

What really sets the system apart from Facebook Messenger or Twitter’s direct messaging system is that Pinterest Messaging is more focused on engaging in conversations in a visual manner within Pinterest. This is particularly helpful in simplifying complex projects that are too hard to explain through words, as well as saving users the hassle of sending picture attachments back and forth. (Imagine explaining a hairdo tutorial in words!) Be it text, links, pins or entire boards, Pinterest users can share as much content as they want without losing track of the conversation or compromising their privacy.

The Great things about Pinterest Messaging

Besides from being completely private, the Pinterest messaging system allows up to ten Pinterest users to engage in a visual group conversation at one time. This exceptional feature is particularly beneficial for team projects that involve a lot of visual co-ordination, for example, organizing a friend’s surprise bridal shower or planning a college concert.

Let us walk you through some simple ways in which your brand can benefit from the Pinterest messaging system.

1) Build better connections with Your Pinterest Followers

A major problem encountered by those who love to comment on Pinterest is that their comments are barely noticed if the pinner uses Pinterest on a smartphone. This is because a comment notification appears the same as that of a repin or ‘like’, and it is only on desktops or iPads that notifications display a preview of the comment.

It’s in circumstances like these that Pinterest messaging system comes to the rescue! The interactive platform allows you to start a back and forth conversation with your potential customers, and enables you to build better relationships with your brand page followers and especially Pinterest influencers who follow your business account. Drag a pertinent pin into the conversation, appreciate a particular pin that a follower posted months ago, or invite them to join a group board, the possibilities are really endless!

2) Invite Pertinent Pinners to Create Group Boards

Before Pinterest introduced its messaging system, it was a hassle to invite other users to contribute to group boards as there was no way to directly explain them the purpose of the board or what makes you think they’ll make a good contributor. In all honesty, it used to be a really awkward situation to have a group invite at the top of your feed without any proper proposal.

Now, with the advent of Pinterest’s messaging system, you can message and invite pertinent pinners to join a group board by explaining to them how your pins revolve around a mutual theme, or how your product complements theirs. Who knows your hospitality may even translate into a lucrative partnership in the future?

3) Assist high-profile clients with their planning

Imagine yourself as an event florist working with a top-notch wedding planner to decorate a reception. Instead of having to send them pins one by one, you can send them a first glance of your newest flower collection, your portfolio images from previous events, or simply some content repinned from other boards privately in one go! Your brand page will generate a buzz and attain a free-rider promotional advantage if a high-end client or VIP customer repins your image on their board.

A little heads-up: Pinterest only allows you to send or drag a pin into the messaging system if it is available to the public. So if you experience any glitches, it maybe because of the pin belongs to a secret board.

4) Communicate with your loyal followers and reward them for their engagement

Admit it, we all love brands that appreciate our loyalty towards them and reward us for being their unofficial brand ambassadors. What Pinterest messaging does best is that it gets you talking with your most engaged followers. After all, what could be more special for a follower who has been re-pinning a lot of your content and driving traffic to your retail site than receiving a thumbs up from the brand, or ideally, a gift voucher? The word-of-mouth marketing that such tokens of appreciation can generate can be phenomenal for your business.

All you have to do is cherry-pick the most loyal followers of your brand page, and drop them an encouraging message, such as, “Hey, we would like to thank you for always repinning our content by sending you a coupon code for your brand loyalty. Please use the code within the next fourteen days to receive 20% off your order. Thanks again for your continued support!”

Voila, you just added a number to your conversion figures!

5) Receive Feedback from Your Followers

Getting in touch with your Pinterest followers through individual e-mails may prove to be a tall order, but the new Pinterest messaging system enables you to send private messages to your followers and receive feedback on your boards and pinned content.

Pinterest messaging allows pinners to send questionnaires and surveys to other users on the Pinterest platform who are specifically following their boards. The feedback particularly enables business account holders to measure their target market’s interaction with their brand page, determine their most popular content and decipher followers that can potentially convert into customers.

Don’t forget to Pin and Share the image below! 

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