5 Steps for Setting up your Blog for Pinterest

5 Steps for Setting up your Blog for Pinterest

Steps for Setting up Pinterest Most of us start blogging first setting up a homepage online to write and share our thoughts, interests and passions online. However at some stage a blogger will want to connect with social media site and the question is raise, “How do I post my blogs on Pinterest and build a following?’ This blog post shares 5 Steps for Setting up Pinterest for your Blog.

Step 1: Add the Social Share Widgets

After you have registered you account with Pinterest, take note of your new Pinterest profile URL. For instance mine is: https://www.pinterest.com/lisadlastdegree/. I also recommend you verify your blog with your account at this stage too. Go here to learn how to verify your account.

If you are using WordPress there are a few plugins your theme or available to download to set your Social Sharing Buttons on your homepage. Make sure Pinterest is linked to your profile URL and it is published on your homepage as part of your Social Sharing suite.

Step 2: Have a Pinterest Pin It button on your Images

Likewise is addition to having the social share buttons which are usually displayed as a widget in your sidebar, I recommend you also add a Pinterest “Pin It” Button to your site and get your visitors to start pinning your awesome content! These plugins are available by searching “Pinterest” in your WordPress admin. Try this plugin “Pinterest Pin It Button”

Step 3: Install the Pinterest Chrome Extension

This nifty chrome extension is easy to install and use. Just click the Pinterest button next time you find something interesting that you want to save for later. This button is connected to your Pinterest account and you can Pin as you go after you have published a Blog post or while surging the net for recipes from your favorite food blogs, articles you want to read later, ideas for your home and more! Download the Pinterest Chrome Extension Here.

Step 4: Include optimized Pinterest Images in all your Blog Posts

Optimizing pins instead of posting willy-nilly isn’t hard, it just takes a little more thoughtfullness. This includes using a high quality image, about 736 pixels wide (when expanded), tall with an awesome keyword rich description for SEO purposes. Images like these are attractive to pin by any of your readers with combination with a Pin It Button will invite the reader to pin from your website. I also recommend you adding a logo, url or some kind of brand to your image too. The step would be to post your images on your blog FIRST, then pin to a board.

Step 5: Connect Twitter and Facebook to your Pinterest Account

Twitter and Facebook can also be used with Pinterest.You can connect Twitter and Facebook account in the Pinterest settings in your account. You can also Pin images (by copying the Pin URL) from Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter and encourage followers from these social media networks to Pin as well.

Don’t forget to encourage your readers, friends and followers to pin your content too!

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Steps for Setting up Pinterest for your Blog

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