Top 5 Pinterest Influencers to Follow

Top 5 Pinterest Influencers to Follow

Pinterest InfluencersWe all have heard of YouTube Celebrities, Twitter Sensations, and Influential Bloggers, but recently the social media has noticed the emergence of a new breed of influencers – Pinstars, Pinfluencers, Pinlebrities or simply, Pinterest Influencers.

As one of the fastest growing social platforms today, Pinterest’s active user base has undergone an enormous growth of 120% in 2014, leaving Tumblr behind. In times where brand advocacy is considered an overriding priority by Chief Marketing Officers, having influential users has become a lot more important for small businesses. Pinterest can undoubtedly be the ideal platform to pursue top influencers as your brand advocates, and here’s why:

  1. Brand collaborations: Pinfluencers or Pinstars pin hundreds of images on a weekly basis, and therefore, influence their followers’ purchase decisions through inspiring content. Their inspiration and influence, boosts targeted traffic to business websites, and often leads to conversions, particularly for home décor brands and retail businesses.

Once you decide to make use of Pinfluencers in your marketing mix, and collaborate with them to pin interesting brand-centric content on their pages with effective calls to action; you can really make your products seem more covetable and therefore, drive conversions.

  1. Influencers can really make your giveaway events go viral: The best part about organizing contests, giveaways, and ‘enter to win’ events on Pinterest is the magnified visibility your brand-centric posts get, once they are pinned by influencers with a lucrative fan base. If used to its full potential, Pinterest can be the best platform for organizing competitive events and lucky draws; and in addition, getting featured by top influencers gives your brand the platform to build a greater following on other social media channels through Pinterest.
  2. Influencers can be powerful group board curators: Use Pinterest’s group board feature to build exclusive ‘sets’ or ‘collections’ of attractive, yet relevant, products that can grab attention from Pinstars. Pinterest influencers can then, style them creatively, or hand-pick them, to feature them in your brand category.
  3. Engaging with top influencers may lead them to refer your brand: Establishing cordial relationships with key Pinterest influencers can really make them feel connected to your brand and evoke a feeling of brand loyalty. You can get engaged with top Pinfluencers by regularly liking, repinning and commenting on their posts, as well as by following their blogs and other social channels. Getting featured on their Pinterest page will expose your brand to a whole new world of prospects.
  4. Increase traffic to your blog or business website: Once you start creating content around popular and useful topics, it is more likely to be pinned by Pinfluencers and therefore, boost interest within their follower base. Word-of-mouth marketing like this, is more powerful in leading to conversions.

The possibilities for brands are endless with Pinterest, especially now, as the platform moves towards providing value to businesses through its recently rolled out Business accounts, analytics features and the Promoted Pins feature. Brands that get on the Pinterest influencer bandwagon will definitely reap the rewards in the form of a loyal, engaged audience with maximum purchase intent.

Have a look at these top five ‘Pinfluencers’, ranked by their number of Pinterest followers, that you should follow for maximum exposure and attention on Pinterest:

Joy Cho

With over 80 well-organized boards, 12000 eye-catching pins and 13 million followers on her Pinterest page, Oh Joy!, Joy Cho is certainly the undisputed sultan of Pinfluencers! Designer, blogger, food enthusiast and now a Target affiliate, L.A. based Joy Cho’s pins vividly encompass anything and everything from architecture to hairstyles, food recipes to gardening hacks, and clothing to baby essentials.

With an impeccable eye for beautiful things, excellently photographed images, chic fashion sense, and love for petal-pusher floral designs and polka dots, Joy Cho updates her pins regularly and has really aced the art of inspiring and ‘pinfluencing’ the masses.

Maryann Rizzo

Not too far behind, with over 9 million Pinterest fans and 100,000 pins is Maryann Rizzo, an interior designer and decorator with an eye for all things beautiful. Based in the Northeast US, Maryann aims to inspire her followers to cook, design, garden, dress, entertain, and travel in style.

From spectacular images of rustic iron gates, to Egyptian Pyramids, and mouth-watering broccoli orzo, Maryann hosts a whopping 272 pinboards on her Pinterest page, with a board completely devoted to tree houses! Her ever growing Pinterest popularity and mesmerizing content can definitely grab much needed attention for your Pinterest brand page!

Jan Halvarson

Whatever Jan Halvarson is doing, is definitely working for her ‘Jan+Earl of Poppytalk’ Pinterest page! The entertainment, décor, and DIY enthusiast; has been able to muster around 8.6 million fans through 18000 fabulous pins; and is definitely a Pinterest influencer to keep an eye out for. Densely populated with art and handmade goodies, Poppytalk’s posts have really resonated with Pinterest users.

Cathie Hong

Orange County based wife, mother, and calligrapher; Cathie Hong has really got some magical element in her pins as the Pinterest celebrity has been able to grab over 8.5 million followers with just over 7000 pins! With images of bright yellow Wellington boots, porcelain potted hanging planters, baby bumps and exotic food stores, her pins follow a random story-telling pattern.

What really sets Cathie’s pins apart from other users’; is their use of light, illusionary effects, candid photography and vintage theme. Who knew that a simple white cereal bowl could look absolutely regal until Cathie featured on her ‘For my Home’ pinboard!

Jane Wang

Without mentioning much about herself on her profile, except for the fact that she hails from a place we have never heard of, ‘Chinstrap Penguin, Antarctica’, Jane Wang really does know how to strike a chord with Pinterest users. Her pins revolve around a plethora of topics like DIY wedding ideas, Interesting Animals, Natural Wonders and even Octopuses! The social media powerhouse itself regards her as “the single most-followed user on Pinterest” with over 8.1 million fans across her 118 boards, which makes this colossal Pinterest Influencer, an excellent platform, to bring your business idea into the limelight.

Who are you favourite Pinterest Influencers?

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