How to use Pinterest for Business

How to use Pinterest for Business

pinterest-businessWith over 70 million users and still going strong, your brand’s presence on Pinterest can be your Holy Grail to converting images into sales. Whether B2B or B2C, your business can really benefit from strategically marketing its products, services and brand image on Pinterest. Continue to read to find out how:

1. Convert Your Personal Pinterest Page into a Brand Page

Your pinning journey to commercial success really begins with establishing a business account. Pinterest exclusively offers some really useful business-friendly features like analytics and Rich Pins to its business account holders, which can be instrumental in making your social media marketing successful. Conversion takes only a few clicks through the ‘Businesses’ option in the main menu and some business-related information for account verification.

2. Optimize your Pinterest activities for SEO

Take this one as your secret weapon: In order to increase your brand pages visibility, generate traffic, and enhance your web presence, your pinned content and SEO need to go hand in hand. Optimize your business’s description in the ‘About’ section, add backlinks to your images, use descriptive titles and keywords, differentiate your boards, and get used to hashtags!

3. Experimenting is a smart strategy

Although the boards and pins on your brand page should reflect your business idea and industry, experiment with an assortment of popular topics to decipher which ones could translate into sales. Whether you are an interior decorator, an event planner, or a technology enthusiast; start thinking out of the box to make your posts ‘pinteresting’. Experiment with famous quotes, funny posts, DIY hacks, or even Disney-inspired pins to determine what resonates within your target audience and tailor your marketing strategies and product designs accordingly.

4. Invite pertinent pinners to form a Group Board

You can always find ways to collaborate with potential clients and related businesses on Pinterest, and creating a group board is certainly one of the easiest approaches.

Simply invite users, who you think will make good contributors, to pin to your boards. As the creator, you will be able to control the Board’s title, description and content, while enjoying increased visibility and Pinterest following without putting in a lot of effort.

5. Make your posts more ‘pinnable’ by using concise verbiage and vivid images

Let’s face it, we all love pictures, and simple language! Your pavlova recipe post is more likely to be pinned when explained in a beginner’s tone and topped with a scintillating picture of the end-product. In the same way, if you operate in the tourism industry, a breathtaking picture of the Eiffel Tower or Thai beaches will definitely be an effective player on your team to generate re-pins and direct referral traffic to your full website. Just remember to add an on-hover ‘Follow us on Pinterest’ or ‘Pin It’ button to the image to make it pinnable.

6. Make your brand page mobile-savvy

Pinterest reports around 70% of its visits generate through mobile devices. Once you choose Pinterest as your social media marketer, make sure to optimize your mobile site for increased traffic by minimizing its loading time and refurbishing its content.

7. Start Following Other Businesses on Pinterest

Be it an arch rival or a trusted content provider; connect with other businesses to keep yourself updated with their latest offerings, strategic positioning and Pinterest popularity. Who knows; your competitor may be offering a first glance of their newest product on their Pinterest brand page. If you follow any commercial blogs, find out if they have a Pinterest account by either searching for their brand name on Pinterest or running a Google search.

8.    Keep pace with the seasonal trends to make your pins more engaging to the audience

Pinterest’s business page features Buzzfeed’s success story on how keeping pace with seasonal trends has really made it a celebrity on Pinterest:

BuzzFeed is a news and entertainment website that features some of the most shareable, social content on the web. They use Pinterest to find trending topics, see what’s resonating with people and get ideas for their stories. Since joining Pinterest, they have seen exponential increase in Pinterest referral growth and traffic.”

Customize your pins to address the latest trends of 2015. Grab some attention by posting tantalizing recipes for the spring, DIY beauty and baking hacks, mouth-watering images of dishes from your restaurant’s revised menu for 2015, or what’s new in celebrity fashion.

9. Explore the power of Rich Pins

As an e-commerce business, you should be well-acquainted with customers’ tendencies to gather maximum product information before buying them. Pinterest acknowledges this dynamic of the corporate world, and thus offers a special feature called Rich Pins to its business account holders. Rich Pins enable you to add extra information to your pin to make it more relevant to your potential customers.

Pinterest currently offers five types of rich pins to choose from: Article pins, product pins, recipe pins, movie pins and place pins. Learn more about rich pins here. {Link to the rich pin article}

10. Build Relationships with Influencers

Influencers are Pinterest celebrities who stand out in their Pinterest marketing strategies within their industry. Relationships with ‘Pinfluencers’ can really benefit your brand image; and expose you to a completely new range of followers.

Locate powerful influencers who are already resonating within your target audience, start following them and repin their content. You can build a cordial business relationship by liking their pins, posting considerate comments and leaving them a private message through the Pinterest Messaging System appreciating their pinning activities. Collaborating with Influencers can really grab the attention that your brand may not be able to attain otherwise.

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