Get More Business Exposure by Noisy Pinterest Group Boards

Get More Business Exposure by Noisy Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards Pinterest group boards are a strategy where multiples pinners can contribute to a board. Its fun to get together – be noisy and create some great content together. It’s a great way to meet like minded people and share pins while contributing together. It’s also a great way to get more exposure.

How set up your own Group Board

Once your profile is up and running it might be a good strategic idea to create your own group board. This is easy to do. All you need to do is go to your Profile Page and Add a new Board as per usual set up. After you have selected a name and category the final step is to add your first contributors. Before you set it up it might be an opportunity to Pinterest message a few key colleagues in your niche/industry to invite them personally first. Once you had added contributors then Pinterest will sent an invitation on your behalf. No they can pin on the same board as you and the group will appear on every contributors page. Group boards are a great strategy to increase followers as more people contribute, more people follow and as owner of the board the followers are credited to you.

Group Board Directories

The problem most pinners have is finding group boards to apply to pin too. Officially from Pinterest there is no directory of Pinterest group boards. In order to distinguish a group board from a regular one you need to look out for the group icon at the top of a board when you are browsing someone’s page. Some pinners have tried to solve this problem by boosting their profile with a number group boards across categories. For instance Renae Christine has an impressive 500 Group Boards to join and its a directory in its self!

Another nifty online free tool is PinGroupie. PinGroupie is an up to date database of group boards where you can search by category. Then you can order the list by how many pins, collaborators, followers, likes and repins. It also has other search features to find a board you would like to contribute too. If you set up a group board it is a good idea to put some direction in the description box on how to join a board. If there is no description all you need to do contact the creator. To find the  creator of the board always go to the first image on the left side next to the number of contributors. Then you can follow and try to contact them directly. If you are already following each other than that is another opportunity to Pinterest Message as well.

On another note if you are administrating a Group board. It is a good idea to have some guidelines on what can and cannot be pinned. Just like a Facebook forum you want to maintain the integrity of the board and make sure no spammy pins are posted.

Do you have a Group Board? Why not share it in the comments below. 


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