How Food Bloggers Can Use Pinterest to Stand Out

How Food Bloggers Can Use Pinterest to Stand Out

Food Bloggers PinterestPinterest and Food Bloggers go together like peas and carrots. If you blog about food, cook your favourite recipes or review food then it makes sense to marry with Pinterest as main social media strategy.

Did you know that  in Pinterest that Food & Drink is the most pinned and browsed category on Pinterest?

Did you know that according to Compete that 57 percent of Pinterest users interact with food-related content, the #1 category of content?

So how can Food Bloggers Use Pinterest to Stand Out?

In my research to answer this questions I compared top Pinterest Food bloggers to see if I could discover what they were doing to build a raving following of food connoisseurs, busy mums of dads and every foodie lover to their blog.

1. Beautiful Images from the Blog

First of all is reviewing the actual Food or Cooking Blogs. Most food bloggers have gorgeous branded websites with equally beautifully photographer food. The website are perfectly optimised with links to social media and attention to details is the photos.

The types of photos these bloggers showcased included:
a. Ingredients
b. Creating (mixing, equipment)
c. Final finished product
d. Failed product
e. To eating/tasting.

Effort was always made to set the right atmosphere, light and colour and crispness in each photo even if it showed a messy bowl. Images have been make to be appetising and attractive – ready to eat… yummy and inspire the reader to try themselves.

2. Optimised Images from the Blog

The next step from having beautiful images to use is to make sure they are optimal for people to Pin.

Check to make sure:

  1. They are the right size (rectangle works best)
  2. You have installed the right Pinterest plugins so readers can see the buttons on your images to make it super easy for viewers to Pin
  3. Make sure you have a keyword rich description in your Image Alt tags so when readers share you pins the right keywords are saved to help the pinner out.

3. Optimised Pinterest Accounts

Successful food Bloggers put a lot of love and care into their Pinterest accounts. All accounts are set up with profile images, verified and short enticing descriptions. But what really differentiates food bloggers from the rest is carefully crafted Pinterest Boards.

Food Boards are limited only by your imagination on how to categorise food. Have you tried?

  • Categories by countries (i.e. Mexican vs to Chinese)
  • Daily schedules (breakfast vs brunch vs dinner)
  • Vegetables to fruits from pastas dishes to roasts
  • Boards for picky eaters to dinner parties
  • Speciality boards for gluten free and other intolerances
  • Desserts, desserts and desserts (my favourite board) which could be subcategorised to chocolate boards, cakes and ice-cream boards.
  • Bellini addicts to Thermomix recipes
  • Cooking types from grilled cooking to slow cooking
  • Fish, seafood and Salads

Food Boards are endless! What is your favourite?

Another tip these Food Bloggers do is contribute to Group Boards and start their own Group Boards on a particular cooking idea or food type.

I asked Lindsay from the popular Food Blog, Pinch of Yum for what her Tips were for Food Bloggers launching on Pinterest. She writes,

My Pinterest tip is to focus on your content more than on your actual
activity on Pinterest.

I did not have a Pinterest account at all for the first 3 years of blogging, and Pinterest was always a top traffic source for me. Now that I do have a Pinterest account, I find that most of my traffic from Pinterest doesn’t come from me pinning my content, but from my readers pinning my content. I think the best Pinterest strategy is actually focusing on creating the content (recipes and photos and blog posts) that
people want to see and share.

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Pinch of Yum Food Bloggers

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How Food Bloggers can stand out on Pinterest

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