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Imagine – pinning time and money… now how useful would that be?

Well Now You Can – Hundreds Of Other Busy “Pinners” Have Used Our “Pincredible” Workshop To Create More Of Both…

We have taken our mission a step further and are proud to announce our exciting, brand new “PinUP” Chrome extension.

We’ll show you how to utilize this to…

Create, Not Only More Customers, But More Time Too – Oh – And MORE MONEY!

Sound impossible? Far fetched?

You know what it’s like; you’re busy – you don’t have time to sift through statistics and files – if only you could get the result with just a click or two…

That’s exactly what our “PinUP” extension is designed to do.

It simply turns those elusive likes into money!

So – “How does it work?”

An “extension” is a small software programme which does the “donkey work” of sifting and sorting your information for you.

“So how will that help me?”

Well – one of the main features of PinUP is the “autoresponder” – this will AUTOMATICALLY send a nice message (customised by you, to say what you want) and a “thank you for following” to any new followers – even at four in the morning, whilst you are pinned to your dreams.

“Sounds great”

It doesn’t stop there – how much time would it save you to be able to update all your descriptions in bulk, with your tagline and URL, for a WHOLE board at a time!

The PinUP extension does just that – so easily and so quickly that you will be amazed…

“Anything else?” (As if that’s not enough!)

There is an incredible “sort” feature which is unbelievably versatile…

“And That Does What Exactly?”

With the sort feature on PinUP, by entering a keyword, the newsfeed can be sorted by your highest number of pinned pins, or by the highest comments or highest likes by pinners.

This feature alone helps you to work out what your most popular pin is and use it to really enhance your results – how useful is that?

“Don’t tell me there’s more?”

Of course! This programme is astonishing – there is nothing worse than someone clicking on a pin to find nothing there – it’s very frustrating.

PinUP sorts that out too by checking for and then repairing broken links! You never have to worry that your “best seller” isn’t there in full view of your followers – how cool is that one?

Watch the PinUp Chrome Extension Video Tutorial

“That has to be it – surely?”

Nope – with PinUP you can also group your pinners and your followers and send dedicated customised messages to just them – as a group – so you can target specific types of follower, or subjects that they are interested in, which makes your engagement much more efficient…

“So, this is going to save me loads of time and make me lots of money – it must be way out of my price range…”

What do you think? $100? $200?

For these kind of features that would be a fair price – so – would you believe that PinUP is just $16 – YES; you read that right – a glass or two of wine!!!

You would have to be crazy NOT to get PinUP RIGHT NOW…

Now the technical bit – for those who are interested…

This Is Typical Of Most Of Our Feedback

“I think the Pincredible chrome extension is AWESOME!!! I use it in my eCom biz to stage engaged with my customers and to send out new offers. A Must for any Pinterest marketer!”

Lawrence Aponte – Shopify Store Owner & Coach

Lawrence Aponte

“This PinUp Pincredible Chrome Extension has literally given me hours in my week! I used to manually contact new Followers daily, plus I used to go through updating hashtags and keywords in our pin descriptions one by one (total hack-work!). Now, all our new followers are welcomed automatically thanks to the ‘Send to New Followers’ feature and it takes me half an hour each week to update descriptions in every single pin with the ‘Update Pins’ feature. That’s it! Pinterest marketing DONE! I can’t believe the price I paid either, I would have paid 5x that amount due to the hours I have saved already. Big thank you to Lisa and the PinCredible development team!”

Lauren Pykett – Owner of Brats on board

Lauren Pykett

“Pincredible’s PinUp chrome extension is a must for any business marketing on Pinterest.

The direct message feature alone is worth it’s weight in gold. Allowing you to stay in engaged with your customers while you are running your business or simply away enjoying life. Being able to make bulk edits and find broken links is a huge time saver, especially when you are selling eCom products. I personally recommend getting the PinUp chrome extension if you are on Pinterest.”

Stephen Moody – Owner Moody Tees

Stephen Moody

“One of my favourite features of the PinUp Pincredible chrome extension is the bulk description editor. With just a click of the mouse I can add an SEO description, hashtag and URL to every pin in one board. This saves me time doing it manually and creates more traffic to my website. Thanks!”

Beth Carrick – Owner All Things Golliwogs

Beth Carrick

Most Of You Just Want…

The “doohicky thingy” to work without having to worry about it just like Sam… PinUP will do that- seamlessly – each time – every time anyway.

But for those of a more technical bent here are some details of PinUP that you might want to know…

What browser does this work in?
Google Chrome

What support is there if I get stuck?
Contact Lisa on lisa@pincrediblemarketing.com

Is it easy to download?
Yes, one click install from Google Chrome to your menu bar

Can I use multiple Pinterest accounts?
Yes, just log out of both Pinterest and the extension and log back in with new account.

With This Amazing Offer Comes An Invitation To Our

“PINCREDIBLE” Marketing Course

Where you can learn how to turn your Pinterest board into a money spinner by just tweaking a few things you already do (and add some you don’t).

The combination of the “PinUP” Chrome extension and the “PinCredible” Marketing Course will underpin your success for years to come…

Stop press: as an additional thank you for your glass of wine …

We can teach you the little-known secrets behind the powerful Pinterest messaging system – in our opinion the most useful and neglected feature in the whole Pinterest armoury.

Along with your purchase of PinUP, we will show you how to make use of this indispensable tool and have direct emails sent to you, making it easier to have a conversation within Pinterest and around the pins you love; enabling you to engage new clients, customers and colleagues with no fuss…

Download Today!

Grab your copy today with the lowest price possible!
This discount won’t be available in the market for long.

14 Day – Money Back Guarantee, 100% No Risk

I am so confident that you will love this software that we are willing to offer you an unconditional 14-day money back guarantee. With PinUp Chrome Extension you can try us out for 14-days, 100% risk free, to experience for yourself the true passion and support that we give to our customers.

Lisa Devereaux is always one for ideas and inspiration. Commencing a career in business it wasn’t until she jumped online in 2008 to see how to target the coveted ideal customer that she suddenly had to learn a whole lot of new skills that weren’t taught in her Masters degree she had graduated from, the year before.

Lisa has a passion that drives her to provide excellence in digital marketing, blogging and provide exceptional value for the readers and followers. Lisa has become more than a mom and blogger, she’s now a mompreneur and a full-time business entrepreneur! Her mission is to guide small businesses into the premiere on the internet!

She is a big believer in taking massive action for turning your idea and dreams in reality. This year Lisa launches Pincredible Marketing PinUP Chrome Extension. Are you ready for Pincredible Success? If so, reach out and join her today.

Contact Lisa at PincredibleMarketing.com
or email lisa@pincrediblemarketing.com

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