Pinup Pinterest chrome extension Review

Pinup Pinterest chrome extension Review

Welcome to the one and only Pinterest First Messenger Auto responder and bulk description updater for your pins.
If you are trying to attract customers via Pinterest than this chrome extension will help you engage with more Pinterest Followers by:

  • Setting up an autoresponder to contact every new follower on Pinterest
  • Updating all your descriptions in bulk – a WHOLE board at a time! Great for SEO, hash tags and adding URLS
  • Sorting newsfeed by the highest number of pinned pins, or by the highest number of comments or likes. Great for market research to find the best trending products online.
  • Checking for and repairing broken links! To keep your boards in tip top shape.

Download the Chrome Extension Here.

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Find the Best Travel Tips on Pinterest

Find the Best Travel Tips on Pinterest

Travel is exciting. Exciting as its combined with fun, freedom and that yearning for exploring the unknown. On the other handing depending on what kind of travel you like to do, most people want to do some research before they leave home. Its always good to be a little prepared for the destination to make sure you have the best trip possible.

So where do you go to find the best travel tips online?

Well I am here to say “Don’t leave home without searching Pinterest for the BEST Travel Tips.”

Travel is a trillion dollar industry. I mean its HUGE! Hence read the following Statistical Quote:

Statistics and facts on the global tourism industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect and induced) of almost seven trillion U.S. dollars in 2013. The direct economic impact of the industry, including accommodation, transportation, entertainment and attractions, was approximately 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars that year. A number of countries, such as France and the United States, are consistently popular tourism destinations.

Why use Pinterest for Travel Advice?

People use Pinterest for planning and recording dream travel destination from. Due to its popularity it makes sense that Travel has its own Category on Pinterest to attract millions of intrepid travelers. I mean, who doesn’t love to travel, right? Most people have the aspiration to explore somewhere new either domestically or overseas and culturally different. So Pinterest is the ideal platform not just to share your favorite photos but to give advice to fellow travelers of where to go and what to avoid. Using the Pinterest search features you can explore a world of advice, tips and recommendations before you leave home.

Here are just a snapshot of the Boards people have created for Travel on Pinterest:

  • Destination types
  • Countries
  • Site Seeing
  • Accommodation
  • Tours
  • Tips to pack
  • Travelling with Kids
  • By Occasion – Honeymoon, Baby-moon, Solo Traveller, Gap Year, Grey Nomads, Family Holiday and Backpacking
  • Budgeting
  • Plane, Cruising, Hiking, Camping, Biking, Train or Car
  • Language and Cultural Tips
  • Logistics from Visa’s and Passports
  • Travel Technology
  • Food

Tips for Businesses in the Travel Industry

So what about if you are a Business working in the Travel Industry? How would you use Pinterest. If you have a business in this industry you have an opportunity to improve you business and the customer experience by curating a Pinterest account at the pulse of current Travel trends. If you need more help to brainstorm at least 20 Boards here are some more Pinterest Travel Profiles to explore.

Check out these Top 10 Travel Pinterest Profiles to inspire you.

  1. Trip Advisor: Helping travelers plan and book the perfect trip. Happy travels – and pinning!
  2. Everything for people who love travel, B&Bs, boutique hotels, & unique accommodations! Sharing delicious recipes, beautiful decor, and other great tips.
  3. Ordinary Traveler : I’m a professional photographer traveling the world & sharing the view through my lens. Visit for adventure, photography, and travel tips!
  4. 100 places to visit before you die…Our quest is to provide you with our top 100 places to visit in the world before you die.
  5. AirBNB: We’re sharing home ideas and wanderlust inspiration that you can only discover through Airbnb.
  6. Budget Travel: We believe travel is accessible to all, on any budget. From our magazine to our website, we inspire travelers with photos, tips, and deals to start the journey.
  7. Amateur Traveler:  Host of the Amateur Traveler podcast/blog
  8. Travel Channel: Host of the Amateur Traveler podcast/blog
  9. MyMyrtleBeach: The Official Pinterest Page for Myrtle Beach, SC. Explore our boards,delight in stunning beach beauty,and see all the fun things to do in the Myrtle Beach area!
  10. Jetpac City Guides: Jetpac City Guides app for iPhone shows you the bars where women go, the best views, or where the hipsters are, in over 6,000 cities all over the world!
  11. and one more….
    Patagonia: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis

Find the Best Travel Tips on Pinterest. Pincredible Marketing

Pinterest Tips for Travelers

If you are planning a new trip, I recommend starting a Board by Location First. Then you can get excited by all the things you want to see, eat and experience. Then go crazy as one idea expands into another travel idea.

Alternatively, if you have recently traveled – set up a board with your recommendations. Even better if you have written reviews on your own personal blog or on a Review site like Trip Adviser – help the community of Pinterest travels read your reviews of the what was dreamy and what didn’t go quite right.

So ready, set, go! Comment below with what your Favourite Travel Pinterest Boards are and why! 

Don't leave home without searching Pinterest for the best travel Tips @VirginAustralia

This post has been inspired as part of an entry to the Virgin Australia competition with ProBlogger. The goal is to share your best-kept travel tips.

10 Tips for Marketing to Men on Pinterest

10 Tips for Marketing to Men on Pinterest

10 TIPS FOR MARKETING TO MEN ON PINTERESTThe biggest misconception with Pinterest is it’s just for women planning weddings and decorating their homes.  However like the classic book, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” you will appreciate that men and women use Pinterest for vastly different reasons, and in starkly divergent ways. That’s not to say Men are not on Pinterest but let’s see how they are using Pinterest.

So why should you pay attention to grabbing men’s attention? Well according to the Social Habit the comprehensive study of American social media users from Edison Research, “Women Use Pinterest as a Wish List…..Men Use Pinterest as a Shopping Cart.” So here are some tips to make sure you are targeting men on Pinterest too.

1. Use Pinterest Guided Search

The Pinterest guided search is a fantastic feature to help you find what you are looking for by giving you alternative additional keywords. Furthermore, the results are based on the gender of the user.  You should use this in the development of your own keywords when pinning a new product and image. For instance with the keyword shoes – a result of millions of female shoes are in my results in my account whereas if a male friend entered the same keyword his newsfeed would be tailored for him (if he had marked his gender in the settings). As a Pinterest user, use the guided search additional keywords to help include in your descriptions to make sure the right pins appear in the right results. So if its Men’s shoes you are pinning – make sure you include Men in those descriptions.

2. Use Pinterest Data For Content Creation

Another tip shared by Vincent Ng was taking the Guided Search just one step further. Pinterest gives you a lot of free data. By searching for your keywords and taking note of the popular guided search terms you can then create a new blog article on the same topic. Once that blog article has been published with a Pinterest optimised pin, post it on Pinterest. It will be win-win as it will be an article relevant to the Pinterest audience.  Apply this also to create content to attract men’s product interests as well.

3. Pin images that appeal to men

Pin images that appeal to men. By actively and consistently pinning images depending on your industry and profile will help you grow a following across both genders.

4. Create Men Interests Themed Boards 

A follow on from pinning images that appear to men is to consider planning specific boards that are of categories that men are following and make sure all the pins are consistent with the theme.

5. Follow boards targeting male interests

To better target your customer or audience, spend some time following other boards targeting male interests so you can see what type of content they like to pin. Also follow boards that are related to your own products but curated by men. According to Pinterest, Men’s apparel, technology, travel and gardening are top interested while cars and motorcycles are fast growing categories. Check out these Michael’s boards in Medieval and History  as an example.

6. Target men specifically using Pinterest promoted pins

If you are lucky to be eligible for promoted pins (they are still by application only) one great feature like Facebook ads is to select men, women or both in targeting. Promoted pins are a great way to quickly build a following and generate traffic to your brand.

7. Grow a male audience outside of Pinterest

Pinterest should be just one of your social media strategies. By leveraging audiences in Twitter and Facebook and publishing via content marketing to grow your website traffic, you should also invite those audiences to follow you on Pinterest. Most of these channels via analytics will disclose the demographics, age and gender so you can further gauge how your marketing is going.

8. Apply consistent Pinterest marketing strategies

Pinning regularly and consistently is still the most well-known strategy to grow your account and keep up engagement. Make sure each description capture the right keywords and are within the categories men are most interested in. For our information Pinterest listed 10 of the top content categories among men as:

  • Men’s apparel
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Recipes
  • Gadgets
  • Design
  • Luxury Cars
  • Tattoos
  • Camping

9. Types of Images

So what kind of images should you create for men? How about these types of pins:

  • Step-by-step instructions: Show how things can be easy and simple with instructions or before and after DIY comparison.
  • Comedy: Can you create a funny pin with caption and cartoons? A funny ads has an easier chance to going viral and appealing a male market.
  • Clever: Do you have a clever way to get things done. Be inventive with your products.
  • Girl… Nothing wrong with having a pretty girl showcasing your product although keep in mind to keep it tasteful and don’t go overboard with sexiness as you don’t want to confuse your brand.

10. Follow some great Male Pinterest Experts

My favorites to follow is bloggers and podcasters Jeff Sieh from Manly Business Tips and Vincent Ng over at MCNG Marketing. Follow both these guys where they brings together social media’s best “Pinsters” to explore strategies for becoming a better personal and professional Pinterest user

 Do you have any tips for Marketing to Men on Pinterest? Comment below with your Pinterest boards.

10 Tips for Marketing to Men on Pinterest


How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for Teaching

How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for Teaching

How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for TeachingLearning nowadays is certainly different from when I went to school. Although I didn’t go down the Teacher career path, I am certainly on the way through now from a parent and educator’s point of view as my kids start grade 1. Its been almost 20 years since I left my high school classroom which is the dinosaurs to the current educational technology and mobile learning advances we have today. So I was excited to do some research myself on ways teachers can use Pinterest.

Here is what I found. Here are some ways Teachers are using Pinterest:

  1. Inspire: My recollection of schools are visions of drawings, decorating and displayed work that frequently gets transitioned across topics. Why don’t you grab you inspiration from Pinterest in your next topic?
  2. Curating Content: Ideas including creating resource boards, pinning current issues, finding and pin images as part of your projects and future lesson plans.
  3. Organising Ideas: Keep your ideas organised with Pinterest by sorting and adding comments to remind youself why you pinned, create boards that are inventories, create boards for subjects.
  4. Collaborate with Others: Find other teachers with similar interest, request feedback, open boards to the community i.e. parents and connect with other universities and schools.

Furthermore here are some Ideas for Lessons and Professional Development.

Lesson Time

School is not just all play but time to learn. So how do teachers use Pinterest for Lesson Planning? Here are few further ideas around Lesson Time.

  • Collect Printables
  • Discover science lessons to experiment with
  • Swap lesson plans with other teachers
  • Find popular reading books to recommend in the classroom
  • Search by grade or age for specific lessons
  • Collect ideas for excursions
  • Craft Time – What kids don’t love craft. Pin a few and test them out.

Professional Development

Teaching as a profession is rewarding and besides just the day to day work with students there is always opportunity to share what you are doing with other teachers and educations. Pinterest is the answer to this too.

  • Start a conversation/message with other educators on a topic/lesson/board that inspires you.
  • Share what you are doing in the classroom
  • Search and find wonderful teacher group boards and blogs
  • Connect and collaboration to work together with other teachers to share ideas and build better lessons
  • Request feedback from other teachers
  • Be open to new and innovative teaching methods
  • Be on top of the latest trends in education.
  • Search for tutorials on how to teach something or a do a project.
  • Save and bookmark pin great tech resources to back too.

Here are some great Teachers and Group Boards on Pinterest to inspire you.

Teachers  – Teachers (they snapped a great title!) have created a series of well followed board by Age Group from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Plus check out their Subject boards from Art to Science.

Math –  Bring Math to Life is a profile all about teaching Math activities from exams, to age related activities, to free lessons. A great Math resource to Follow.

Science – The Einstein Project is a great resource for all things science from from engaging science materials and teacher training to advance science knowledge, skill and an enthusiasm for learning.

English Teacher – Visit Alyson Yap  who is an English Teacher. With 100 Boards and over 65,000 Pins on huge extensive learning materials to get you started.

What are you favourite Teaching and Education Profile and Boards? Share them in the comments below. 

How Teachers can use Pinterest as a tool for Teaching

Pinterest Strategy Coaching Now Available

Pinterest Strategy Coaching Now Available

Learning anything new can be a challenge. I know when I started blogging it seemed there was so much information to learn that it felt like you got nothing done. I call that paralysis of analysis! So let me take away the paralysis with a custom review and recommendations to make your Pinterest account Pintastic Perfect. With 70 Million Users, Pinterest is a must inclusion for your blog or business as part of your Social Media Strategy.

I invite you to Welcome me into Your Business: Get Your Products & Marketing Campaigns Launched and build Growth in Pinterest!

offer a tailored made strategy to your current Pinterest account profile and website. Order my services below and I can work with you directly with real advice to save you time in making sure your account and website is set up correctly for Pinterest traffic and engagement.

Pinterest Social Media Coach. Let me help you build a raving following to your business or blog via Pinterest.

Services I offer include: 

  • A 10 Point customised strategic review of your Pinterest Account and your Business/Blog to attract more Followers to maximise traffic to your website and brand.
  • Updates of your Board and Pin descriptions with relevant keywords to your business category and SEO.
  • New optimised boards with with targeted pins in each board
  • Find the right people to collaborate with.

BONUS! Coaching sessions on how to implement the strategy, increase followers, optimisation and build traffic to your website.

Look forward to working with you.


I bought the report and coaching session. Lisa gave a fast response and opened my eyes to a new way of doing things on Pinterest. The coaching session was super helpful. Lisa was friendly and answered all my questions, even some questions about general SEO. Would definitely recommend this.

Beth Carrick

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Fabulous! Just what I needed to connect on a great scale. Thank you Lisa, Awesome job and so quick!!! Blessings K

K The Messenger


Fantastic service. I would definitely deal with Lisa again. My Pinterest account has had a lot more activity to it and the new boards are great. Lisa supplied a report and suggestions on what to do to launch my new digital course on Pinterest.

Pinterest Coaching

Grab your Pinterest Traffic Light Report Account Review Now

Like any social media platform, Pinterest has a set of rules of engagement. Furthermore like Google, Pinterest is a search engine and your profile needs to be set up and optimised correctly for the Pinterest algorithms to show your pins at the top of the newsfeed.

Let me help you by reviewing your account with my 10 Point Account Analysis and Traffic Light report.

This report using a scale of Green for GREAT, Yellow for More Work and Red for Action Now will show you the areas where you need to change to get your account up to Pinterest Perfect.

Please see my additional services below to get your account optimised for Pinterest.

If you have additional requirements just contact me here.

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