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Pinup Pinterest chrome extension Review

Welcome to the one and only Pinterest First Messenger Auto responder and bulk description updater for your pins. If you are trying to attract customers via Pinterest than this chrome extension will help you engage with more Pinterest Followers by: Setting up an...

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Find the Best Travel Tips on Pinterest

Travel is exciting. Exciting as its combined with fun, freedom and that yearning for exploring the unknown. On the other handing depending on what kind of travel you like to do, most people want to do some research before they leave home. Its always good to be a...

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10 Tips for Marketing to Men on Pinterest

The biggest misconception with Pinterest is it’s just for women planning weddings and decorating their homes.  However like the classic book, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus" you will appreciate that men and women use Pinterest for vastly different...

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Pinterest Strategy Coaching Now Available

Learning anything new can be a challenge. I know when I started blogging it seemed there was so much information to learn that it felt like you got nothing done. I call that paralysis of analysis! So let me take away the paralysis with a custom review and...

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